Being Addicted

by Kundalini Singing

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For several years my relationships have been quite dramatic. I always felt as if I have to adjust myself in one way or another - otherwise I wouldn't be good enough. And this way of thinking wasn't even caused by my partners in the first place...
Well, thankfully those times are over for me now. But maybe some of you can still relate to the feeling I describe in the following song... Just so much from my own experience, it doesn't have to stay that way!


I remember the day when we were sitting on a bench in the park,
children were playing in the yard
and you told me,
"Once I’ve been addicted to drugs,
but now I’m addicted to you."
And I thought, well isn’t that the way it should be?!

When we first met, everything seemed to fit,
we were sailing on the ship of felicity.
Only every now and then, there were some small clouds passing by,
but the rest of time we were permanently high.

Yet with each circle that we were orbiting around us,
we were sinking already in the mud.
It wasn’t too late to alter the course back then,
we were just too blinded to see the storm coming up before.

After some time we had enjoyed each other's company,
the idyll was bursting when you started asking too much from me.
While at first I had made you feel great, later I was not enough anymore,
so you needed more and more and more to keep it halfway bearable.

Now with each circle that we are orbiting around us,
we are sinking deeper in the mud.
It’s far too late to alter the course right now,
it has gotten worse than it has ever got before.

Obviously addiction is not the right way to lead a relation.
Obviously addiction brings only cries and frustration in the end.
Obviously you’re not the one anymore whom I used to know before.
Obviously addiction isn’t easy to cure.

So to don’t go down with you,
I’m leaving now the ship of insanity.
But I’m taking all the good memories
with me, with me…


released June 3, 2012
My whole being plus the creativity of my former producer, Phil Hillen!



all rights reserved


Kundalini Singing Berlin, Germany

I am an infinite being who enjoys expressing its inner voice and supporting others in reconnecting with theirs.

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